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Rapid Response

We understand that your printer is critical to your office operations and that down time can be very expensive. When you call us for printer repairs, we will dispatch a certified service technician for that printer to your site quickly, with all the tools and parts necessary to fix the problem fast. We can usually have your printer fixed the same day depending on parts.

The Key is Maintenance

Laser printers have achieved dominance in the home and office markets because they are designed to operate efficiently, economically and reliably for many years. They do, however, require periodic professional attention. In fact, regular preventive maintenance can double a printer’s useful life, while keeping paper jams and other malfunctions to a minimum. That’s where we can help. Click here to send us e-mail to our service department or call us now at (301) 340-7264.

Preventive Maintenance

• Test & Inspect Print Quality
• Remove Dirt, Toner and Paper Residue
• Clean input & Exit Rollers
• Remove Gum-Up on Plastic Parts
• Check & Clean Filters
• Clean the Transfer Roller Assembly
• Lubricate Gears & Bushings
• Check & Adjust Paper Feed Assembly
• Clean & Inspect Mirror and Optical Lens
• Acid Treat Paper Feed Rollers
• Check & Clean Fuser Assembly and Sensors
• Complete Wipe Down of Exterior
• Ultra Fine Vacuum, 0.3 µm Particle Filter ESD Grounded
• Provide Diagnostic Report

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